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What does royalty free mean?

Royalty free means you just need to pay for rights to use the item once per end product. You don’t need to pay additional or ongoing fees for each person who sees or uses it.

Please note that there may be some limits placed on uses under the different license types available on the marketplaces, such as our photo and music licenses (see the PhotoDune and AudioJungle FAQs for more information)

What does non-exclusive mean?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others will also be licensing and using the same item.

Do you have a developer license?

No. At this time we don’t have a developer or multi-client license.

What is a single application?

A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). The end product depends on the nature of the item – for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways. The next few FAQs explain some situations where we consider allowed variations or a series of related uses to be a single application.

Is my license transferable?

Generally, your license is not transferable. The exception is if you are a freelancer using the item for an end product for one client, or if you sell the single instance of an end product, such as a website installation. In those cases, point the client or buyer to the license terms and delete the item from your computer.

Are warranties offered on the items?

Yes, the authors (sellers) warrant their items. See the Envato Market Terms for details.

What does 'editorial use' mean?

Editorial use means using an item only for news or journalistic purposes like in blogs, magazine and newspaper editorial applications.

Is this item still 'royalty free'?

Yes. Royalty free means you pay for the item once for each end product, and not based on the number of copies made or sold. This is separate to whether you need a clearance from the owner of rights in the real world product or trademark within an item.

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